Chapter 2

Case Studies During the Term of the Project

(Cases 11 - 45)

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Case 11: DC-8 Flight Crew Sighting

Case 12: Claim of UFO Effect on Automobile Functions

Case 13: Lighted Disc Seen from Car

Case 14: Multiple Sightings by Police Officers

Case 15: Bright Planets Perceived as UFO's

Case 16: Low-Quality Radar Sightings

Case 17: Claimed UFO Effect on Car, Plus Other Sightings

Case 18: Plastic-Bag Hot Air Balloons

Case 19: Psychic Prediction of UFO Landing

Case 20: Owls ID'd as Source of Beeping Sounds

Case 21: Airport Radar Sighting

Case 22: Claim of UFO Landing

Case 23: Hunters Illuminated by Light from Overhead

Case 24: Claimed Polaroid Photos of UFO

Case 25: Noise, Flashes, Power Interruptions

Case 26: Story Fabricated by Security Guard

Case 27: Attempted Instrumentation of UFO Sightings

Case 28: Sighting Series ID'd as USAF Aerial Refueling Training

Case 29: Aerial Flare Drop

Case 30: Rumored sighting in connection with X-15 Flight

Case 31: Lights Sighted Over Road

Case 32: Horse Death

Case 33: Hovering Object

Case 34: Canadian Naval Maritime Command

Case 35: Lights Over Ocean, Missile-tracking Radar Involved

Case 36: Fireball Meteor

Case 37: Planets Venus & Jupiter

Case 38: Spurious Sightings, Amateur UFO Researchers

Case 39: Automobile Malfunction + UFO Sighting

Case 40: Headlights Across a Valley

Case 41: Weather Balloon

Case 42: State Trooper Sighting

Case 43: Confused Reports from Teenagers

Case 44: Roadway Sighting, Witness with Emotional Problems

Case 45: Prank with Plastic Dry-cleaning Bag

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