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NCAS EDITORS' NOTE: Square brackets indicate differences between actual chapter titles and what appears in the TOC.

SECTION I Conclusions and Recommendations 2
SECTION II Summary of the Study 10
SECTION III The Work of the Colorado Project 72
Chapter 1 Field Studies 73
Chapter 2 Analysis of UFO Photographic Evidence 108
Chapter 3 Direct Physical Evidence 128
Chapter 4 Indirect Physical Evidence 146
Chapter 5 Optical and Radar Analysis of Field Cases 173
Chapter 6 Visual Observations Made by U.S Astronauts 268
Chapter 7 Attitude Survey 315
SECTION IV Case Studies 364
Chapter 1 Case Studies Predating the Term of the Project 365
Chapter 2 Case Studies During the Term of the Project 427
Chapter 3 Photographic Case Studies 606a
SECTION V Historical Aspects of UFO Phenomena 812
Chapter 1 UFOs in History 813
Chapter 2 UFOs, 1947-1968 844
Chapter 3 Official UFO Study Programs in Foreign Countries 921


SECTION VI The Scientific Context 929
Chapter 1 Perceptual Problems 930
Chapter 2 Processes of Perception, Conception and Reporting 943
Chapter 3 Psychological Aspects of [the] UFO Reports 976
Chapter 4 Optics [Optical Mirage] 987
Chapter 5 Radar [and the Observation of UFOs] 1059
Chapter 6 Sonic Boom 1146
Chapter 7 Atmospheric Electricity and Plasma Interpretations of UFOs 1156
Chapter 8 Balloons [- Types, Flight Profiles and Visibility] 1205
Chapter 9 Instrumentation for UFO Searches 1214
Chapter 10 Statistical Analysis 1271
SECTION VII Appendices 1279
A Special Report of the USAF Scientific Advisory Board Ad Hoc Committee to Review Project "Blue Book", March 1966 1280
B AFR 80-17A, Unidentified Flying Objects 1291
C Presentation at Arizona Academy of Science Meeting, 29 April 1967 by Gerard Kuiper, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona 1309
D Letter - J. E. Lipp to Brigadier General Putt - Project "SIGN", No. F-TR-2274-IA, Appendix D 1316
E Report on Numerical Experiment on the Possible Existence of an "Anti-Earth," by Dr. R. L. Duncombe, U. S. Naval Observatory 1326
F FAA Notice N7230.29 1328
G U. S. Weather Bureau Operations Manual, Letter 67-16 1330
H U. S. Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service, Rocky Mtn Region, Memorandum to Forest Supervisors 1331
I Individuals Who Participated in the Early Warning Network 1333


J Early Warning Report Form 1335
K Field Kit Inventory List 1336
L Weather Conditions and Radar Echoes near Washington, D.C., and Norfolk, Va., on 19-20 and 26-27 July 1952 1337
M Sources of College Survey Data and Persons Instrumental in Obtaining Data 1345
N UFO Opinion Questionnaire 1346
O A-B Scale 1349
P Current Events Questionnaire 1353
Q Weather Conditions in the Area Between Dallas and Mineral Wells, Texas, 19 September 1957 1355
R Letter from General N. F. Twining to Commanding General, Army Air Forces, 23 September 1947 1379
S Directive - Major General L. C. Craigie to Commanding General, Wright Field (Wright-Patterson AFB) - Disposition and Security for Project"SIGN", dated 30 December 1947 1382
T G. E. Valley - Interpretation of Reports of Unidentified Flying Objects, Project "SIGN", F-TR-2274-IA, Appendix C 1384
U Report of Meetings of Scientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects (Robertson Panel), 14-18 January 1953 1392
V Natural Philosophy of Flying Saucers 1422
W Acknowledgments 1428
X Editors and Authors, Staff of the Colorado Project 1433
INDEX 1439


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