Section VII


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A: Report of USAF Ad Hoc Committee, Project Blue Book

B: USAF Regulation 80-17, Unidentified Flying Objects

C: AZ Academy of Science, Presentation by Gerard Kuiper, U of AZ

D: Letter, J. E. Lipp to General Putt, Project SIGN

E: Computer Simulation of Hypothetical "Anti-Earth"

F: FAA Notice N7230.29 (Colorado Project Activities)

G: Weather Bureau Ops Manual Letter (Colorado Project Activities)

H: Forest Service Memorandum (Colorado Project Activities)

I: Participants in Early Warning Network

J: Early Warning Report Form

K: Field Kit Inventory List

L: Meteorologist's Report, D.C. and Norfolk, 19-20 & 26-27 Jul 52

M: Sources of College Survey Data

N: UFO Opinion Questionnaire

O: A-B Scale (Opinion Survey)

P: Current Events Questionnaire

Q: Meteorologist's Report, Dallas/Mineral Wells (TX) 19 Sep 57

R: Letter, General Twining to CG, AAF, 23 Sep 47

S: Project SIGN Directive, 30 Dec 47

T: G.E. Valley, Interpretation of UFO Reports, Project SIGN

U: Report of CIA Advisory Panel on UFOs (Robertson Panel), Jan 53

V: R.V. Jones, Natural Philosophy of Flying Saucers

W: Acknowledgments

X: Editors and Authors, Staff of the Colorado Project


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